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IT Lifecycle Services for Education

Maximise the net return on your end-of-life education IT assets

Each year, we assist hundreds of education providers around Australia to obtain the highest return on the redundant IT assets while maintaining all mandated data security, disposal and reporting requirements.

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Guaranteed Upfront Buyback Prices - Zero Unexpected Reductions

Unlike most others, we assess your assets and provide guaranteed, locked-in pricing for your approval prior to collecting your assets.

This allows complete assurance of the net value that will be recovered — with no unexpected deductions for condition or functionality after collection.

In-Person Asset Collection From Your Facility

Our dedicated IT collection staff will personally collect your IT assets directly from your school or education facility. No need to package your assets or deal with couriers.

We assume all transit risk and never deduct from our quoted upfront buyback price for any damage to assets during transport.

Blancco™ Certified Secure Data Destruction

As part of our asset buyback and decommissioning process, we perform certified Blancco™ software-based data erasure to ensure complete data erasure for your end-of-life assets.

We also remove all client asset tags and BIOS ownership information prior to remarketing of any assets.

Removal of Large Copiers, Electronic Whiteboards and Server Racks

We use specialised vehicles and equipment to handle the collection and disposal or large education IT assets such as electronic whiteboards, photocopiers and server racks.

100% Diversion of E-Waste From Landfill

All electronic waste collected from your site is recycled in accordance to AS/NZS 5377:2013 and the Basel Convention.

Recycling certificates will be issued alongside all asset and data destruction reporting.

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