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Certified data destruction solutions

Your data erased to Australian military standards

Trusted by Australian government and enterprise — our data destruction solutions are ISO 27001 compliant, secure, reliable, and can be tailored to meet your exact business security requirements.

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Trusted by Australian Enterprise & Government

Blancco™ Certified ITAD Platinum Partner

We use Blancco, the industry leader in secure electronic data destruction, as our preferred solution for software-based data erasure.

Blancco is at the forefront of changes in data erasure technologies, and as a Platinum Partner, we proudly utilise their unrivalled expertise to ensure your data security.

Blancco™ Certified ITAD Platinum Partner

As formal confirmation that your data-containing devices have been erased, we provide data destruction certificates as well as itemised data destruction reports.

These reports list the serial numbers and details of every asset and hard drive received, as well as their final data destruction method and erasure status.

Secure Erasure of All IT Asset Types​

From end-user devices through to high-end enterprise networking equipment — our team has technical data erasure solutions to suit all assets, including:

  • Servers & Networking Devices
  • Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Loose Hard Drives
  • Flash-Based Storage Media

On-Site Data Destruction Services Available

For when data security is of the utmost concern, we provide a variety of on-site data destruction options that allow the greatest degree of control over your sensitive corporate data.

ISM & ISO 27001 Compliant Data Destruction Solutions

Our data destruction solutions have been carefully reviewed to meet even the most stringent data security requirements.

Blancco™ Certified Data Erasure

Blancco™ is the industry leader in software-based data destruction, used by government and military throughout the world to provide complete and accountable data erasure.


Magnetic Hard Drive Degaussing

We offer mobile hard drive degaussing using top of the line Garner™ degaussing units. The degausser generates a powerful magnetic pulse which eradicates data from traditional magnetic hard drives.


Cisco™ Certified Data Erasure for Network Devices

For enterprise network and server devices, our Cisco™ certified technicians will perform device sanitisation in accordance with device-specific manufacturer guidelines.


Physical Hard Drive & Mobile Device Destruction

Where physical destruction is the preferred method of data destruction, we can perform on-site crushing of hard drives and mobile devices using our NSA-approved crusher.

Servicing All Australian Metro and Regional Areas.

Our dedicated facilities and National service area mean prompt and efficient services throughout NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, WA, SA and TAS. 

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