About G1 Asset Management

Trusted and proven specialists in the Australian ITAD space.

We do just one thing — really well

G1 has been built from the ground up as a dedicated, specialist in IT Asset Disposals. We’re not an MSP with resources spread across many service lines.

G1 provides IT Asset Lifecycle services specifically designed for Australian enterprise and government. That’s all we do, and we do it with a passion. Our team are industry specialists. Our focus is sharp. We’re committed to providing the most secure, professional and trusted ITAD services nationwide.

We simplify and fortify your ITAD security

The ITAD industry is an ever-changing space riddled with complexity. As technology evolves, legislation matures and the Global focus on data security and privacy intensifies – there’s a lot to be across.

As a security-first specialist in IT disposals – our goal is to reduce all of these challenges into a simple, transparent and compliant service for our clients. A set-and-forget solution that you can trust.

We’ve got boots on the ground

All of our services are performed directly by G1 staff, not contractors. Our staff are highly trained in the nuances of IT asset disposals. Our facilities are purpose-built, locked down and secure. 


We’re nimble and effective – prioritising responsive service delivery and flexibility. We can adapt to last-minute changes quickly and make non-standard requests a breeze.

G1 Asset Management delivers unmatched experience, compliance, service and professionalism to the Australian IT lifecycle market. A trusted and proven partner for your ITAD security.

Our Clients

Business & Enterprise

Our IT Lifecycle Management services are utilised by a large number of medium-sized business and global top 500 companies alike.

Australian Government

G1 Asset Management currently services a number of Australian government departments across a variety of service offerings.


Many of our clients are universities and schools with annual requirements for secure IT asset disposals and buyback services.

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