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Trusted by Australian Enterprise & Government

Blancco Software-Based Erasure

Blancco is the gold standard for software-based data destruction software, providing compliant erasure and validation for modern storage media and mobile devices. G1 uses Blancco as the primary method of erasure, which is performed within secure facilities under CCTV monitoring. After erasure, all devices are subjected to a secondary validation step – which verifies that no data remains on the erased storage media.

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Shredding & Crushing

Physical data destruction is used In scenarios where software erasure is unsuitable (ie. Desk phones) or unviable (ie. faulty or damaged media), or where devices which do not pass validation.

Devices are passed through either a shredder or hammer mill (depending on the required output particle size) – ensuring complete destruction of all contained data. G1’s primary hammer mill can reduce devices and media to sub-3mm particles – passing even the most stringent government requirements for TOP SECRET classified data.

Tape & Magnetic Hard Drive Degaussing

In some scenarios, it is optimal to degauss magnetic hard drives and magnetic tapes (typically when an on-site, low-noise, no-mess solution is required). G1 maintains a number of NSA and PSPF-approved degaussers for deployment as needed by our clients.

Itemised Asset Reporting & Destruction Certificates

All devices and media received for destruction will be listed on an itemised data destruction report and certificate. The report lists the serial numbers, asset tags and specifications of each asset received, alongside its eventual destruction method. Data destruction is ensured, and certificates are provided guaranteeing all works.

Your Data Is In Safe Hands

Accredited to ISO 27001 and NAID AAA with PSPF Endorsement
  • Secure end-to-end chain of custody.
  • Blancco Platinum Partner.
  • Military-Grade Physical Destruction to 3mm Particle Size.

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