Toll Group

Toll Group — E-Waste Collection and Recycling

Assisting Toll Group to efficiently and sustainabily dispose of their end-of-life company IT assets.

Toll Group has engaged the services of G1 Asset Management on an ongoing basis since 2014.

Services have included high-volume e-waste receipt and disposal for various business units under the Toll Group, as well as on-site collection from various Toll sites nationwide.

To date, e-waste processed and recycled from Toll Group exceeds 20 Tonnes across thousands of end-of-life assets.

Toll Group relies on G1 Asset Management for the secure data destruction of various company-owned IT assets, including desktop computers, laptops, hard drives, magnetic tapes and printers as well as industry-specific IT appliances.

With efficient logistics and flexible solutions to suit all disposal needs, G1 will continue to meet the needs of one of Australia’s largest logistics companies for years to come.