L3 Technologies

L3 Technologies — NEXTDC Data Centre Relocation

Relocation of mission-critical server infrastructure to NEXTDC data centre.
L3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) recently engaged G1 to provide specialist IT relocation services for various Melbourne-based networking assets. The assets were highly sensitive, high value, mission-critical assets which required an extreme degree of care and service level. G1 Asset Management was tasked with relocating L3’s Asia Pacific server and networking assets from their Melbourne corporate office to the NEXTDC M3 data centre, which at the time was still a construction site which required our resources to obtain site-specific white to be permitted access. Induction was completed prior to the commencement of the job and white-cards were gained by all involved staff.
“The G1 team were well organised, which made our re-racking and re-cabling go extremely fast. All of our servers, SANs and switches were transported safely and securely without incident.”
– Aaron Love — Systems Administrator (Asia Pacific), L3 Technologies
During this project, unforeseen circumstances outside the control of L3 or G1 required a last-minute change of plan and redirection of the assets to a tertiary backup site – the NEXTDC M2 datacentre. With the G1 and L3 teams working closely together, the backup solution was planned and the assets were redeployed to the tertiary site without further issue.
These works ended up being finalised at about 10pm that evening, to the success of the project. This project was a great example of the difficulties that can be faced as part of an IT asset relocation. By outsourcing the move to G1 rather than attempting the move internally, the job was completed with ease regardless of the difficult circumstances. Using a non-specialist provider, or in-house resources would likely have resulted in critical issues and significant losses for the company.
“I would recommend G1 to anyone looking to relocate their IT services.”
– Aaron Love — Systems Administrator (Asia Pacific), L3 Technologies
As part of our specialist services, we ensure that the job is always completed regardless of the situation. Circumstances change, and we’re ready to adapt. When you engage G1 to complete a project, the project will be completed to the highest standards.